Chakra Bundle - Starter Pack
Chakra Bundle - Starter Pack
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Chakra Bundle - Starter Pack

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I’ve put together this crystal bundle of SEVEN stones for each one of your chakras to help you balance them and experience more well being in your life. I also included a Selenite wand to help charge those seven stones for you. This bundle includes 7 stones, selenite wand, pouch to carry them in, and an information card on what each stone can do for you!

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Everything in this universe is made up on energy and our 7 main chakra points are the filtration systems to the energy in which we come in contact with. That is why it is important to clear our systems on a consistent basis.
When your chakras are cleared and balanced, energy is able to freely flow through your energetic system. Having balanced chakras impacts your aura, your energetic field. A balanced aura will allow you to attract positive energy. According to the law of attraction, when we hold positive energy, we attract positive results. This leads to an overall greater sense of wellness.



Meditation and mantras together are a great way to calm your mind and body with deep breathing and mindful positive phrases to fill that open mind. It helps you feel free of tension by letting it flow out of your body and you begin to notice the actual range of sensations your body feels. You can lay on your floor and place each stone on each coordinating chakra while you relax and meditate. 


Crown Chakra - Clear Quartz or Amethyst 

Third Eye Chakra - Amethyst

Throat Chakra - Sodalite

Heart Chakra - Rose Quartz or Green Aventurine 

Solar Plexus Chakra - Tigers Eye 

Sacral - Tigers Eye or Red Jasper 

Root Chakra - Red Jasper or Tigers Eye 


All crystals have been charged with positive high vibrational energy under the Full Moon. 

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